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news. a week. this program has brought you by critically. from norway's main street crews were supplies the group. explore one thousand miles of norwegian coastline the report local encounters and access to wilkinson the decision to stand chance to get three chapters is our readers and listeners line
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with ensuring his annual kin and whether washington will have some chance the questioning the president. i was no end of the expelled america's global surveillance of higher grade gold but the mosque is always fun activities. denmark and acrimony in geneva where russian and ukrainian european and american diplomats are holding the first direct talks since the crisis began there was even called the suicide bomber detonated his device and surgeons then first of this compound was actually a case of mistaken identity they were targeting a different compound one full of western families. but as is often the case for these kinds of attacks ordinary afghans and paying the price and reading again family opens up your teeth out that not a lot of pain to share with the camera but the other civilian victims of a drawn
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out war. i am. thus the czech international intrigue action welcome to the program the cask and am keen for using violence against ill people and rebuffed claims russian forces are acting in eastern ukraine. the crisis in ukraine as well as their unification with crimea held the spotlight of the russian president's annual cannes in any event i did twenty years yes he has been listening in while i see a thing. thanks for joining us and the oven as when our ukraine has donated this q a session to bring as of the highlights he questions about ukraine to go must halt all this to a nice accent and the first of all talking about the situation now unraveling in the south and east of the country but even if we can tell he is responsible for these actions saying that
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they they they they took note in these regions and this is not the way to do business that the only solution is to a dialogue between the parts of ukraine and the people of ukraine or even the parts i did this by saying that russia is not considering taking it with his legitimate that moscow was ready to hold dialogue with. with the french capital. if indeed it can also an important is not spare any words to describe the situation south east of the country. let's listen. see two posts really love to watch the way you might get calls from people in the southeast to lay down arms. i tell my partner stinky and that it's a great call to the people the army when the civilians. she completely out of your money these tanks artillery and really you don't use the option to really add up to the tempest of the voting system would also said that he hoped he would not have to use the legal right which was given to him by the federation's council to you was a total up a book for
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cisco and the mad russian forces in ukraine and other still time for dialogue. of course there's a lot of questions were dedicated to the ukrainian situation to the recent referendum and i'm glad that the peninsula becoming part of russia indeed sensation which led me to that. the russian servicemen this up is another option on the war indeed involved in the present crimea but this was the only way the only necessary measure to provide a peaceful referendum and to avoid any kind of bloodshed. let's listen to the russian president was nobody on toast was to show that their conditions for the free expression of the window crying means. we had to take measures to prevent the situation from developing the wait is now in eastern ukraine with tanks and well um radical nationalists. of course behind a self defense units in eons. we had our servicemen. they acted very recently. the same time decisively and professionally
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from what it was during this term a session is regarding the merger terms of the russian gas and european continent. i see so that he received a letter from the seminar but also from the european union warned that the gas from the russian gas giant is responsible for delivering old gas to its european suppliers to its european buyers would instead that if moscow still waiting for payment for the russian gas from ukraine would wait for another month if he fails to break its debts and out scored the first to go to an advance payment schedule to opt for the money in advance for the gas and this could potentially have bought the deliveries of the russian gas into the european continent. i see also russia's relations with nato i focused in this tuesday on specifically stemming from the ukrainian crisis with more details about that. it wasn't a question relating to an extension expansion of nato to russia's borders and
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alleging that we can give a very steady on to do that what is the truth is the infrastructure of the minutes reveal all builds up it was awful does it make sense for us to take steps in response twenty years in the middle of the black sea it's not as important military may use today however if nato troops deployed that it will become a geopolitical master russia will be practically pushed out of the black sea area there was also questioned relating to a seemingly deteriorating relations between moscow and washington especially in the light of the latest developments in ukraine and what didn't work and stress that it's not moscow to blame for the seemingly deterioration all off relations but in washington that was. so they might agree that trust is lost. why is it happen. we believe it's not awful but you because this double standards approach is always disappointed us luck was in tears at the us is allowed to act like they did did you
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stop the iraq and afghanistan libya. some acceptable for russia to protect its interests. staying with the international relations for gentle soul. i trust a formal ties with china ob says adding that the trade turnover between russia china is going every year but at the same time there's no hope whatsoever of creating any sort of political or millet read below between russia and china. i feel so stressed that the time of blokes of countries forming society blokes is obsolete. this is something outdated and needs to go away. another peculiar question coming from. i well no matter how full nsa whistleblower had more snow than i can during this journey session he asked whether russia's conducting mass online surveillance and asking for time and impersonal a date set up a long line of descent that for certain cases like that exists but this is the only applaud the decision of a quart and russia has no mass
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cases of online surveillance i wanted so much for bringing us the hype with your jet ski they are falling on tourism which is cute and it isn't going and now that you can fall on my website now for the count of the situation like cent of the end of march the voters and national affairs analyst and was with us here in the studio where thanks again for injuring us get to sleep now on. we have heard from the first one in and out from the cafe that we both have been watching and listening in on the word dialogue has been mentioned several times in regards to the situation in ukraine now is our chance and actually happening with sabre take. well i don't think in a long term there can be any settlement of the affairs of ukraine outlast the dialogue takes place. now that the question is. when will a serious dialogue start. when a wheel a political system emerged to reach dialogue is possible because right now. the put
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regime and is completely offer upon representative and is not respecting the rights of the nearly half of the ukrainian population of soap. whether this dialogue has to occur internally or externally negotiated to russia and the outside western backers of the sport regime. and i love that at some point us to take place in is a question on how much economic and perhaps military can attest to take place before we've reached the point where the dialogue becomes inevitable. wright was how i discuss the situation in eastern ukraine and specifically what's happening there which he told me theres a lot of concerns. especially given that he appointed governor in aisle one of the western regions has now resorted to monetary rewards to those who bring in weapons and the cain government buildings and still won on the poster the promising canon thousand
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dollars to anyone who brings in an alleged russian agent on what's going on. i mean is that going to work again so i'm one of the principle of rhetorical reasons for the year oh my god revolution was the supposed into alleged corruption of yanukovich and his relations with oliver now of course this has nothing to do with the fact that the euro might not itself was funded by an oligarchy of portugal who is now the frontrunner to become the next leader of the ukraine. but on top of this psalm the port regime appointed a number of oligarchs. in the east directly rule over the people with the assumption which is proven true that they would hire their own security forces because the police have largely. peter stood to the side to side with the people and i in order to repress the protests. now this ego problem was he who is the second or third richest man in the ukraine
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andy is the owner of the pre got bank holdings. bob has offered a bounty on decades of any suppose the russian top operatives. it was in the ukraine up to ten thousand dollars now the signs we've seen there gold is further because of the specifically use the term of moscow which is a racially derogatory term the equivalent of a watch would be used to describe african americans or in the united states i was mentioned on her neck. but it refers not only to russians but to rush and ethics as well is an extremely offensive racial slur. and to have this post are not offering a bounty on the heads of essentially not be that russians are russian ethnic store. anyone who
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resists the fourth regime at the east and south palm is a sign of true desperation is the unspoken nationalists they cannot use their words while out mark and hear what president bush instead of down to the west not involved in korea was to take a listen discuss later will push us to the chase if i see we are asking a western puppet to take off to rescue going to call in each of you will receive from the us should come in ukraine the daily show. meanwhile the guarantees him but that isn't money. this guarantees to combined to give money to ukraine to go where all the banks. this no one to file a nice used it. while i was noticing that there hasn't been any help from the west we think a twisted sisters there has been extremely limited financial or economic help from the west. i of course one of the reasons for this guy is in the media and political systems there. in the us congress had a great deal of
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trouble it took weeks to get even this billion dollars worth of loan guarantees not actual money. granted and the european union itself is bankrupt and has had trouble acquiring any funds to give the ukraine because of such countries in the pigs portugal italy greece and spain who are rightfully outraged that wild austerity is forced on them to the european union would throw money into the ukraine which many regarded to be a black hole in which this money would then disappear into the corruption that has only continued on from previous administrations under this one are marked as always thanks for giving us your take on the skin and the situation in ukraine in general and broader context of march the vote in national affairs expert there talking to me. meantime diplomats from russia and the us the eu and ukraine have been brainstorming for a solution
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to the tensions that are ripping the eastern european country apart. deep divisions between them can make a potential breakthrough tricky keeps urging me on errands around the table to avoid the decision of some ninety six percent crimean stand for civil contempt and then brush and retooling ukraine. it also accuses moscow of supporting the pro russian protests in the east something kremlin vehemently deny this saying he is simply seeking to create a scandal all while us and europe are rumbling more sanctions against russia and plans to send aid to boost increase military raising fears that the tension task of light thus the diplomats said you are browsing in a statement a little bit later this hour and luke were to bring you the headline in fact as it happens here in inti international. in the southern ukrainian cd of mario kart at least three people have reportedly been killed when soldiers opened
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fire on anti government protesters who tried to storm a local military base. if a doctor reports on the skirmish. she's in ukraine's eastern south have been born in four months already. i'm basically still domestic escalation of the fence and the spots of the country and on the new stuff coming from the town of moree open to all people to the crimea with iraq reports that at least three people were killed dozens of all diseases and many more detail into top ten minutes he opened fire at and to get these protests is trying to scold them to be based on what they called was an attempt to convince them a treat to take their signs the city's administration to do in the real pope was taking her advice in the grips of protest is also saying they did not recognize authorities in kyiv and they want a referendum to be had in the region to get more independence from the center and possibly from the great one to receive dizziness and
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now wants to join the peace protest movement especially apt to get launched as shogun lodge stand mixer and terror all breaching the act that towards the region in many and different that is peaceful people. scientists hope is that the goals and trying to convince students to take out the side of the people who are supposed to protect us. we're not going to shoot. we weren't even planning on. day . city's administration was taken by which the protest is claiming the one to drop the rent and yes even reach in and once that is the king of the country and at but to bad people but taking these regional government to define
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this is sad that he had nothing to do with these people dead and the whole so called these the provocation we have been able to go to the spit and we have been inside the seats these may all things and we haven't been to talk to these people and this is what the tortoise group of photographers who were always try to once again to make which is good in kyiv we wanted to legalize the local referendum here we are peaceful people the hardest decision i made and asked that in camouflage pants inside the painting. as i was doing all that means a lot of racist and a celtic sports organizations. prices here in ukraine things like this make it to words about the paintings show was that nothing is destroyed. to receive these people into every way. it's not really neat and easy to say how many
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do not receive it within each for these four story building here we see light. irons the bill that usually these eggs into his routine. ok this is exactly what the school. at the bronx i've been to investing using occupied by protests here in bc till the next. just two blocks away from him. just recap how he addressed in eastern ukraine has been growing in the beginning of april the government activists and officials official buildings and their legions of major cities often and konica and logan's can your demanding a referendum on the status of your mostly russian speaking area in heart of the building protesters occupy it was clear in a while and read while and eighty s they announced the creation of the people's republic and are still holding their ground meanwhile sen no action for four years in smaller cities across the region. he has branded the protests are in the east terrorists and has launched a military operation
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to stamp out dissent. no one heard about it real with god covered european nationals he can get the full picture online and auntie dot com and right here found a way to stay with us. i was. the us the kick. the news a secret laboratory in the third was able to build the world's most sophisticated robots rachel unfortunately it doesn't do the job done anything since mission to teach the region wanted to care about humans in the us this is why you should care watch only auntie dawn tall
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the that's what you hear national would be ready to dodge now i get the points concerning the situation in and around to greet me by law to put it into the skin a session with dr our mascot was a list of wants his innsbruck university think too much sugar for joining us here on our teeth to listen to discuss some of the highlights the present with me in this marathon kenny has a singing session the london porter has admitted to the presence of russian forces in crimea is going to undermine russia's age and are there. noah didn't think so because the president was speaking about soldiers who are stationed in to police premium based on the former agreement between russia and ukraine in the next three to no additional soldiers of russia the present time in the car. it also email the president would address
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some of their concern for daughter regarding the eu's expansion and specifically on nato's the oven and managers they are the actions of russia's doorstep the president spoke about taking countermeasures they are and how anything that will be viewed mean is this going to escalate into onto a new cold war perhaps. one unfortunately i need to countries that extreme pressure from countries like poland the baltic nations to a sticky stations to time increase the military prison cell for the lions are high in the eastern european members. it is going to get going. ground forces on a permanent bases in these countries. it's of course quite certain natural that russia reacts like it materials are used to deploy some of the tactical nuclear weapons in kabul in gaza truce and we knew that we
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took him for looking. going into a very negative developments within the military escalation in gaza can be prevented to leave the sticks to its nineteen ninety seven agreement with the celtic goal he kicked them and was its forces into humans are so delighted to be secured from yesterday. one of ten sessions are very comprehensive and present with addresses all slobbering issues but as the eye he does the will to act with a sense of humor let's now take a listen to what prison had to see regarding the obstacles towards dialogue with eu. and in many countries in the west wing. naturally one simple integrity projected to be on the sovereignty of the conference to agree with them and geopolitics sometimes it is difficult to talk to people who was present in their own home afraid of americans eavesdropping on them. just wanted to go to the remake of this i mean i don't think he's exaggerating the problem what i have to give those with the children receive its assessment of the situation in this new course europeans
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of the given up some of their sovereignty and have a different ilk and international relations and international forty six. one can say deduction you to believe in two different bills which is very much stuck to that the release cool to their nations to try to keep all of their sovereignty and the newspoll methods to implement interests europe is different having uncle todd too late oh four season tent eccentric now between sharing sovereignty and is looking more for using peaceful math methods to measure something coach nation it would force their interests the president have put that has reiterated that his plea saying a lot of hopes on are the top so that we take place in geneva between the eu and us russia and ukraine. ah don't expect a breakthrough during these negotiations. no one are still not quite quickly. i think it's the most important thing that he has displayed for now with
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questions and ukrainians negotiate with each other. to get to the united states and european union and that's already a great tool to add these negotiations. these negotiations to turn into a process that because it will take time to restore trust to restore confidence and to look for solutions which are in the interest of ukraine panini interests of russia and god to these issues are of course the fertilizing chanel's ukraine which is a good foot ukraine it is a very divided country divided historically putting the clique ethnically religiously linguistically and yet the one of course in the desert a chicken and russian interests to keep ukraine outside of anemia too cruel to keep it in time unusual state of order norm amongst it and i think these two questions have to be sent off he's negotiations with the appellant's article says now which will take some time my doctor near monopoly violence from his book universe the thing so much
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for cuddles here are a team sharing an idea reviews with us. just don't have the maturity love rob has been given this statement a little bit later we'll be bringing that line as soon as it starts next although it was a part works on a boycott i was the rule. over one million children have a little too much money and i've stopped eating lunch is based on the standards of michelle obama is anti obesity campaign. many students find one just offered under the terms of the healthy hunger free kids act to be either far too small for two baffling. some of the meals are so unappealing that many youngsters are growing up photos of the food on to twitter. first we have again that the federal government is meddling in education when the constitution does not give that power to them knock it off. secondly bush obama is very into this one
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guy quito has lot of pool so she really cares about what kids are in a shipping channel to her husband to push for celtic things like jim knowles hormone fueled beef and corn syrup which are pretty much everything or even nowadays when my parents were in school kids choose what he was the big deal because the photo section nutritious cannot load up of chemicals. there were waves of obese children packed a little like daddy bread and butter with greasy meat every day this job but this is just another example of the cover to treat the symptoms but not the disease of overall quality of food is going around the fascist lacking the road. you can. from the beginning i think. race time. dressed up in the kind
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of a family or mine. my brother spacious and musician my sister's neck is my mother's americas director at my uncle's an actor. and i was so years older than my mother saw an ad in the news paper about doing so making it the unspoken at the royal dramatic theater in stockholm and she said you wanted to said yes why not. an acidic for me and said well you do get some couple hundred coolness in him. for every show. i was just thinking about that. have remote control car deck and back to the said yes let's do it. i mean. and then to just roll on from there the answer for users on tv or radio came to theaters and i started doing some as a kid. and ended up working in the city theater up until i was twenty one i think in the mind to stop because that was a moment where i thought that. i was beginning to think that this is my choice or or so stop
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doing theater. i did some films because i still enjoyed it but i stopped yelling engaging and i'm really trying to get to. to be interested in more jobs i started doing music instead eating them. i was in court with a band. and two thousand and five. we had just been nice. our first single and we were doing some some promotional exam. one part sum and difference. some are bad news and i when i moved onto the stage. first up today introduced the band and it was about thirty thousand people in the audience but i felt like a rockstar and i was. those are really cool moment because i thought this is really really cool. but still i was a dj in the back row and the other two guys rapping and singing came on i was looking at them scratching i was thinking that. they are exactly where they want to be right now and
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i was out it was more like a hobby to me and him and so thus that was what i expected to step back and emmett till the guys couple weeks later that i wanna apply to them to the theater academy and the night i was accepted so i let stuff go. therefore different theater schools in sweden. the is one is just awful. but i know what i couldn't be here because i had so many calls like hey could you do the dj tonight or tomorrow night then. and i love it so stupid i still want to say no if i need to leave everything and. and most tomato and olive nobody in it so hopefully difference philo the city and beyond so i started in this. in this class of people. who knew nothing else but theater which was very odd to me because because i had all the life of. the mei tai and the music. i guess i like to
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get my way to the school as well. you long will i the fan. the news. us secretary of state john kerry has met with the new policy chief catherine ashton in geneva on the sidelines of the state the crisis in ukraine. foreign ministers from ukraine russia the us for the first time since russia's an extension of ukraine's crimean peninsula the full weight to the talks are aimed at finding a solution to the ongoing crisis in ukraine. it's unfair. especially after the ukrainian government has been seen as ineffve


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